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Stud tail and Feline acne

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Stud tail and Feline acne  Empty Stud tail and Feline acne

Message par Vanep Lun 16 Jan 2017 - 9:53

I wanted to open a post about this topic, because it's a common issue in cats, sometimes not easy to detect.
I have a white cat, and thanks to his color I was able to detect he recently started to develop what it's called "stud tail". The feline acne and stud tail conditions are more common in intact cats, but they can also happen in neutured males and females. They are related to an overactivity of the sebaceous gland on the chin and the base of the tail and typical symptoms are:
- Greasy (sometimes matted) hair at the base of the tail and chin
- Missing hair at the base of the tail and chin
- Blackheads (comedones) on the skin at the base of the tail and chin
- Waxy substance on the skin and hair at the base of the tail and chin
- Skin infection at the base of the tail and chin
- A foul odor

These are a couple of articles with a full explanation on this skin condition:

In my case, Tuco has a very mild stud tail now. But it was not at the beginning when I first discover it. I started seeing that his white tail was a little bit more yellowish close to the skin, when I inspected the tail, he had a lot of black spots (comedones) and some irritation and inflammation. I toked him to the vet and they put him a shoot of cortisone to help with the inflammation and they recommended a special shampoo to treat it (Sebomild P) together with a natural oils supplement in his food. With this treatment the condition improved a lot, but it's still there. I had to shampooed his tail every two days to make sure the sebaceous was not too serious.
After doing some research I found a product named Groomer’s Goop to help with this condition. I was able to buy it in a cat show and I started using it. It's working like a miracle.
He still has the stud tail, but now the black spots and therefore the inflamation are much more controlled, I shampoo his tail every ten days (compared to every two days!).
The routine I follow: I first applied the Goop and leave it for a couple of minutes to act, then I wash the tail with the Sebomild P shampoo, and finally with his regular shampoo. I dry it with a towel first to remove the excess of water, and hair dryer to finish.

I have to say, that when I started washing his tail ... it was challenging, specially 3 or 4 times a week. But with lots and lots of patience and giving him some rewards afterwards, he is much more comfortable now and he behaves perfectly!

Hope this helps you to detect if your cat have this condition!

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Stud tail and Feline acne  Empty Re: Stud tail and Feline acne

Message par Mélusine Mar 17 Jan 2017 - 20:31

Une acné aussi sévère chez le chat, je n'avais jamais vu !

Mais il me semble que certains de nos chats blancs ou snow en ont fait.

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